Flocks at dusk

Seeing you like that, ever freer, with your dress flying around you like birds their nest wandering

And with no other purpose than to land on your body, the wind stops blowing and your dress reveals your silhouette

And as if thousands of flying creatures uprising navigating the wind, your dress caresses your skin as it goes upwards, passion driven

It looks as if my eyelashes unleashed a flock of such airborne feathered beings to keep you off your clothes, desires uplifting

And as the rampant menagerie of beaks and squeaks, flaps and things your suggestive smile like dawn while your nude contour cuts through the first lights


My hands taking over from where the birds left off

It all is a trip to heaven from then and until dusk, when the flocks return to their nest…


©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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